Personal approach

Each and every situation is unique. That’s why it is nearly impossible to offer a reliable price quotation over the phone or via email. We always schedule a home visit, free of charge, to meet in person and assess the situation on the spot.

Together, we will take a look at your home. During the visit we will answer all your questions and you will be able to discuss any special wishes. Based on this visit, we will estimate the required man-hours and equipment. If applicable, we will discuss your return of the commercial value for any household effects you choose to leave behind. Our final price quote states everything in a clear and transparent way. Upon your agreement of the quotation, we will plan and schedule the actual job, in close deliberation with you. This way, you will not have to deal with any surprises and we can do the job to your satisfaction.

We are a trustworthy partner when it comes to situations that require discretion, such as OCD or compulsive hoarding. With a background in social work and a flexible, open-minded team, we will make sure the desired, or sometimes required, transition takes place smoothly and calmly.

Our approach is characterized by sustainable thinking: reusable household items are sold or donated, waste and garbage will be recycled. We work closely with a thrift shop, several (specialized) second hand stores, charities and refuse and waste management companies (waste-to-product companies).